Care Taking at Home is Hard

I take care of my mother so my father could go to work. My mom has ovarian cancer and she is in the spot where she needs to stay home. Taking care of my mom is both rewarding and exhausting. I did not want to go and make a big thing out of it, but there are a lot of people that say that it is really nice of me to take care of her. Before I could take care of her I had to go look at sites like Polifisio where I would be able to buy things for the house and it would make taking care of her so much easier for me. They have things that help me move her around in the house and I do not have to strain when I get her out of the chair when she wants to get up to go to eat or use the bathroom.

I feel very lucky that I am in a spot to be able to take care of my mom because a lot of people would just send her to a home right away. I did not want to send my mom to a home because I was able to take care of her along with my dad. We just had to rent or buy all of the things that we needed to use at the house to take care of her. People said that I would be crazy to take care of her and I agreed after the first month, but my husband makes sure that I take care of myself by eating right and getting massages so I would be able to go and take care of my entire being. It is really hard to go and make due with things that do not work.